I studied filmmaking at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. During my main career studies, I started specializing in post-production. Specifically in the field of CGI.

In 2001, I took a 1-year Master Course for beginners in 3D. The following year I started editing my and other student’s short films at the University. And I continued to do so during my entire student career. Meanwhile, I continued specializing my studies in CGI and post-production in general. I also attended several other Master Classrooms where I learned to use software like 3DS Max, Maya, After Effects and Photoshop.

I finished my Bachelor studies in 2005 and began working immediately for a company making CGI short films about industrial and car accidents. From there on, I worked a lot doing fluids and dynamics simulations. And in 2007 I enrolled in a Master in Dynamic Simulations at The Image Campus in Buenos Aires, where I later became a professor.

In 2007, I was offered a job in the 3D department at Che Revolution Post, the best post-production facility in Argentina at the time. I worked on lots of award winning TV commercials for Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and USA, among others. Working at Che Revolution Post, I learned and developed a keen eye for compositing and VFX. I mastered After Effects and began using Foundry Nuke. I also worked in lots of CG filled commercials and was one of the first people in Argentina to use Massive Prime for CG crowds simulations.

In 2010, I joined forces with 3 other colleagues and co-founded Wolf VFX, which became one of the best boutique post houses in Argentina. Together we worked in dozens of TV Commercials, some of which won several awards at different Festivals around the world. At Wolf VFX, I gained a lot of experience as a VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer. Designing complex VFX shots from pre-production and helping Directors achieve their visions. I worked very closely with Directors from lots of Production Companies such as Landia, Nunchaku, _POSTER, The Glue Society, Pank, Primo, Agosto, Flamboyant Paradise, Concreto Films, Turbo Trueno and Banana Films, among others.

In 2014, I moved to Miami, working first as a freelance VFX Supervisor and full time at Cosmo Street Editorial since 2020. I’ve worked with production companies and agencies, designing VFX shots as well as doing VFX supervision on-set, and later working as a senior compositor, CGI artist and colorist for films and TV commercials, ensuring my clients achieve the best quality products.

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